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Medical certificate for handling towers and cranes in Vilanova i la Geltrú.

CEMO Vilanova has the technical team and protocols necessary to issue and/or renew the medical certificate for handling towers and cranes. Performing the management steps and medical tests in our centre offers the guarantees of a medical centre specialising in Ophthalmology, with the specialists and devices required to diagnose the majority of sight pathologies. If you have any sight problems, we will solve them at the time.

Medical tests required

  • Psycho-technical assessment
  • Visual capacity assessment
  • Anamnesis

Documentation required to manage the medical certificate

  • Original and current ID card
  • Passport photo

Opening hours

  • MONDAY-FRIDAY9am – 1pm
    4pm – 7pm
  • SATURDAYS10am – 2pm

  938 155 517

Requirements to obtain the licence for handling towers and cranes.

Certificado médico. Examen físico en Vilanova i la Geltrú


All crane operators must pass a physical examination and be declared fit for the certification. The physical examination must take place every three years. However, someone with a medical certificate from the Department of Transport issued in their country is exempt from the initial physical examination but is required to submit to one within two years. Part of this examination involves the potential crane operator passing a drug test.

Certificados Médicos. Evaluación escrita en Vilanova i la Geltrú


Crane operators must take a written examination consisting of two parts before they can be certified.
The first part assesses their general knowledge of operating a crane. The second part concerns a special type of crane such as a crane with a lattice boom on caterpillars or a telescopic crane with a large or small arm.
The potential crane operator must pass both parts satisfactorily. If so, the applicant can be tested on and qualify for, simultaneously, all models comprising a mobile crane.

Certificado médico para operador grúas y torres en Vilanova i la Geltrú


Crane operators must take an operation test that must be supervised by a training organisation or a qualified trainer.
During this test, the operator must demonstrate that they are competent to operate the crane based on the type and model in question.
The trainer has a list of operating techniques that the operator must perform to a satisfactory level with the aim of passing the test to obtain the certification, which will allow them to work as a Crane Operator.